Homeland Security and Resilience II: Addressing today’s security challenges


Date: Monday, 27 May 2024

Venue: Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic, Prague

Join us for a pivotal gathering at the "Homeland Security and Resilience II" Conference, chaired by Mr. Pavel Žáček and hosted by FUTURE FORCES FORUM and Exhibiton. This conference will feature discussions on the strategic implementations and cooperative efforts across various government and security sectors to enhance national resilience and security.

Focus areas include:

- Comprehensive security strategy and financing
- Current challenges in national security enhancement
- Advancements in information security and technology
- Readiness for contemporary security threats

Special note: Entry is by invitation only to ensure an in-depth dialogue among security leaders. For wider access, the event will be streamed online to pre-registered viewers.
Expect detailed post-conference reports and insights as we continue to foster informed dialogue about our national security landscape.

More information at conference website

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