WHAT TO BELIEVE? A conference about AI and human mind.


WHAT TO BELIEVE? A conference about AI and human mind.

Belief in something is a basic human need! We rely on the world to work according to what we believe. But our beliefs correspond to the image our brain forms of the world based on the information it can process. When new information slightly contradicts this image, the brain can correct it - we learn. When we receive too much information and are under time pressure, the brain cannot evaluate it - we act intuitively. But when the brain receives information over a long period of time that is too much at odds with its picture of the world, it starts to completely distort that picture - we start to believe something completely different.

The problem of information overload and cognitive dissonance is steeply increasing. It is an inevitable consequence of digitization, automation and the ability to easily export, share and disseminate information about anything by anyone. This problem limits the ability of humans to control and manage important processes in real time and also threatens the stability and cohesion of society. Are we able to cope with these problems? What are the solutions?

Answers from experts in the field of new technology development, artificial intelligence, business, neuroscience, social media and philosophy will be given at the conference Does the human brain stand a chance?

The main topics of the lectures will include:

-  What are the principles for the responsible development and deployment of AI-based systems for command and control and for the development and deployment of robotic autonomous systems in NATO? What is "Human-in-the-loop / on-the-loop"?

-  How can new information processing and visualisation technologies be used to improve human cognitive abilities?

-  How can the properties of the brain and the possibilities of new technologies be exploited to manipulate consciousness and perception of reality? What is "Cognitive Warfare"?

The conference should be attended by everyone who is responsible for creating strategies for the development, application and regulation of technologies whose use or misuse depends on the cognitive abilities of a person.

The conference language is Czech.

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